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A Bit About Us

Charles B Morris Insurance Brokers Ltd is more than just an average Insurance Agency. We want to take the burden firmly off our clients’ shoulders; after all, it’s what we’ve been doing for more than 50 years.


As a one-stop Insurance Agency with years of experience managing a wide-range of risk and exposures, we have the skills to ensure our clients receive exceptional coverage. To keep your loved ones safe and to protect your assets, contact us to find out how we can help. Our team of experts is waiting to hear from you.

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Our Values

We adhere to High Professional Standards ... Always

Our Mission & Our Vision

The mission of Charles B Morris Insurance Brokers Ltd is to provide a comprehensive and affordable array of quality insurance products to enable our clients to be protected against the inevitable and life's uncertainties. We abide by a high level of professionalism and integrity in taking good care of our clients, hence we are leaders in aligning with top-rated insurance carriers. This is why our clients can expect that we are able to provide them with exactly what they need at rates and terms that make sense.

Our Goals & Objectives

We like to think of ourselves as being the number one leader in providing insurance risk protection for you, your family, your home, and your business. Our goal is to constantly work to bring awareness of the importance, value and ease of having insurance protection to brace against and prepare for life's adverse events, and to secure a wealth management plan for future generations.

Our Commitment to You

You can rely on our promise to focus on giving our best in customer service and the insurance products we deliver so that you can make the best choices for yourself and your family. We will always be available to guide you through selecting the right coverage for your circumstance.

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